Date/time: 03-13-22 at 5:04 PM
Location: Wanoga Snow Park
Death Investigation: 47 year old male, Haslet TX

On 03-13-22, at about 5:04 PM, Deschutes County 911 Dispatch Center received a 911 call regarding an injured snowmobile rider that had crashed into a tree near Wanoga Snow Park in Bend. The 911 caller reported that the injured rider was approximately 1-mile into the forested area southwest of the Wanoga Snow Park parking lot. It was reported the injured rider, who had been wearing a helmet and protective clothing at the time had sustained serious injuries, he was unresponsive, and not breathing. Life saving efforts were conducted on scene by an off duty ICU nurse who was riding with the injured party.

Several Deputies with the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office responded to this call as well as Bend Fire and Rescue Paramedics. A Deputy assigned to the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office Special Services Division sent out a page for the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue snowmobile team and medical team to respond. Airlink was contacted and also responded to this call. A Law Enforcement Officer with the USFS was in the area and he also responded to Wanoga Snow Park. A safe landing zone was quickly established in conjunction with Law Enforcement and Bend Fire and Rescue for the Airlink helicopter that landed in the parking lot.

Members within the injured riders party decided to load the injured rider onto another snowmobile and transport him out to the parking lot to meet paramedics. Once the rider arrived at the parking lot Bend Fire and Rescue Paramedics continued life saving efforts. The injured rider succumbed to his injuries and did not survive.
The crash is still under investigation.