Released by: Deputy Donny Patterson – Assistant Search and Rescue Coordinator
Date/time: 03-04-22 at 0726 AM
Location: Tumalo Mountain
Rescued Subjects: 18 year old female, Redmond OR

On 03-04-22, at about 7:26 AM, Deschutes County 911 Dispatch Center received a 911 call regarding an injured subject located near the top of Tumalo Mountain near Dutchman Snow Park. The injured subject reported to have fallen while descending on snowshoes causing one of her legs to twist injuring her knee. There were other subjects within her snowshoe party that were keeping her warm as her knee injury inhibited her ability to continue her decent.
A Deputy assigned to the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office Special Services Division made initial phone contact with the reporting person, who informed the Deputy that the injured female would need litter assistance down to the parking lot at Dutchman Snow Park. Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue was paged out to assist the injured subject and ten Search and Rescue volunteers responded to the call.
The ten volunteers were able to make their way to the patient using back country skis and snow shoes, arriving with the injured patient at approximately 10:23 AM. Members of the medical team assessed the female’s physical condition and provided aid, including placing her into a rescue sled for transportation. The SAR team members then transported the patient approximately one mile down to the parking lot at Dutchman Snow Park where she was assisted into a personal vehicle.
The female stated she did not need any further assistance and would seek her own medical care.
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