Location: Sheridan Mountain Sno-Shelter — approx. 19 miles west of Sunriver

Date: 02/25/2018

By Deputy Jim Whitcomb — Assistant DCSOSAR Coordinator

Reporting Party: Brittanie Hendricks — 25 yof Sunriver, Oregon

Rescued: Daniels, Tony – 27 yom Sunriver, Oregon
Duffy, Jack – 26 yom Bend, Oregon


On 02/25/2018, at about 1630 hours, Deschutes County 911 Dispatch received a call from Brittanie Hendricks reporting Tony Daniels had called her to state he and his friend, Jack Duffy, had gotten their snowmobiles stuck in deep snow on Sheridan Mountain. Dispatch directed Hendricks to have Daniels call 911 so their actual location could be determined. Hendricks advised dispatch Daniels and Duffy were going to attempt to hike up to the Sheridan Sno-Shelter where they would be able to stay warm in hopes of being rescued.

Daniels was able to contact 911 dispatch. The call confirmed their location was near Sheridan Sno-Shelter. A DCSOSAR Deputy was able to make phone contact with Daniels who confirmed they had made it to the shelter after about a quarter mile hike, had a means of starting a fire, had water to drink, but no food. Daniels advised they had just left the shelter earlier and were on their way down the mountain when they had gotten stuck while riding off trail. Daniels was advised DCSOSAR would not be attempting to locate their stuck snowmobiles. Daniels stated he understood and was not wanting to attempt that in the dark.

Three Deschutes County Sheriff‘s Office Search and Rescue volunteers responded to Snowmobile trail 2 where it intersects with River Summit Drive west of Sunriver. A DCSOSAR tracked Ranger deployed on the trail at about 1945 hours to travel the distance of about 9.5 miles to the shelter. The depth of the snow came up to the bottom of the Ranger’s door.

At about 2030 hours, DCSOSAR Volunteers were contacted by snowmobilers that had made contact with Daniels and Duffy. These snowmobilers assisted DCSOSAR by making snowmobile tracks on the trail to aid the travel in the deeper snow as the trail climbed towards the shelter.

DCSOSAR Volunteers arrived at the shelter about 2118 hours and made contact with Daniels and Duffy. At about 2126 hours, DCSOSAR Volunteers began the transport of Daniels and Duffy back down the mountain, arriving at the trail 2 intersection of River Summit Dr at about 2242 hours.

Daniels and Duffy were provided a courtesy transport to their starting location where their vehicle was parked; River Summit Dr and FS road 40.