Released by: Deputy Shane Zook, Assistant Search and Rescue Coordinator

Date: June 25, 2021

Location:   Mission 1 – Broken Top, Mission 2 – South Sister, Mission 3 – Frederick Butte Rd

Persons Assisted:   Mission 1 – Matthew Condon, 32 year old male, Forest Grove, Or

Mission 2 – Giuseppe Amato, 36 year old mlae, Vancouver, Wa

Mission 3 – Rose Jardine, 32 year old female, Portland, Or

On the evening of 06-25-21, the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Team assisted with three separate missions around the county.

At about 5:54 PM, a Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office Special Services Deputy was dispatched to an injured hiker near Broken Hand, which is a small peak to the north east of Broken Top.  A hiker had taken a fall, which resulted in injures, requiring immediate medical attention and evacuation.  The Deputy immediately paged out for SAR volunteers and also made contact with Air Link.  Air Link agreed assist SAR with the rescue.  Air Link transported three SAR volunteers from St. Charles Medical Center to the location of the patient.  SAR volunteers stabilized the patient and carried him to the area where the helicopter was able to land.  The patient was transported via Air Link back to St. Charles Medical Center in Bend for further treatment.  The SAR volunteers on scene escorted another hiking partner and their dog back to the trailhead at Three Creeks Lake.  All SAR volunteers were back in quarters and secured by 2:15 AM.

At 8:07 PM, A Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office Special Services Deputy was advised of a lost hiker near the South Sister Climbers Trail.  A hiker had separated from his group while on the South Sister Climber’s Trail.  The hiker headed back towards the trailhead by himself and took a wrong turn.  The hiker ended up on the Pacific Crest Trail and relayed to the rest of his party that he was lost, just before his phone died.  SAR volunteers were sent to the area to begin checking trails.  SAR volunteers left a note for the hiker on his vehicle to call 911 if he made it back to his vehicle.  Just before 12:00 AM, the hiker made his way out to Cascade Lakes Highway about 5 miles south of Devils Lake.  The hiker flagged down a motorist and received a ride back to his car, where he found the note and called in.  All SAR volunteers were back in quarters and secured by 1:41 AM.

At about 10:40 PM, A Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office Special Services Deputy was dispatched to a lost motorist near Fredrick Butte Road, which is on the south side of Highway 20 east, between Brothers and Hampton.  Dispatch provided the deputy with coordinates for the lost motorist.  The motorist had left all roads and was driving through a vast area of sage brush.  The deputy attempted to guide the motorist back towards a road by phone, but that attempt failed.  The deputy drove out the the area, located the lost driver and guided them back to Highway 20.

The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office is a full service agency that oversees the adult jail, provides patrol, criminal investigations, civil process and search and rescue operations. Special units include SWAT, Marine Patrol, ATV Patrol, Forest Patrol, along with six K9 teams. Founded in 1916 and today led by your duly elected Sheriff L. Shane Nelson, the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office serves over 200,000 residents in Deschutes County. The agency has 259 authorized and funded personnel, which includes 191 sworn employees who provide services to the 3,055 square miles of Deschutes County.