Released by: Deputy Shane Zook – Assistant Search and Rescue Coordinator
Date/time: 08/10/21 at 12:27 P.M.
Location: Swede Ridge Loop, near Virginia Meissner Snow Park
Injured: Heideker, Amy – 41 year old female – Anacortes, Washington

On 08/10/21 at about 12:27 P.M., Deschutes County 911 received a phone call from a male who was reporting an injured mountain bike rider on Swede Ridge Loop. Dispatch was able to obtain accurate coordinates for the injured rider, Ms. Amy Heideker.
Twelve Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue volunteers along with one deputy responded to the scene. The deputy arrived at the patient’s location at 1:30 P.M., with the SAR volunteers following close behind at 1:50 P.M.
The patient was evaluated by SAR medical team members, and loaded into a wheeled litter. The patient was carried out to a nearby U.S. Forest Service Road, where SAR vehicles had parked. The patient was provided with a ride to her vehicle, and planned to seek further medical treatment on her own.
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