Thank You for Rescuing My Horses

March 22, 2016
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Thank You for Rescuing My Horses

This note is to thank the Deschutes County Search and Rescue volunteers, three deputies and the USFS for their help in extracting my two horses from deep mud while on a ride on April 19, 2014 along the Windigo Trail, north of USFS Road 1514. My horses were stuck in mud over three feet deep – it took over 5-1/2 hours working in cold water and mud to extract them safely. The Deschutes County Search and Rescue is noted for their life-saving efforts, but they do not get nearly the credit they deserve from the public. They don’t think as individuals. They think as a team.

Their funding is limited, but their passion for rescuing people and animals from hazardous situations is tremendously rich. They don’t ask for praise, but instead, the 125 volunteers and a Sheriff’s Office coordinator attempt positive results in an average of 100 missions a year. The day after saving my horses, the Mountain Rescue unit and Horse Team of Search and Rescue were back in a training seminar. That was their weekend.

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