Labor Day Weekend

October 19, 2022
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Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend I decided to take my dog for a hike to Chush Falls outside Sisters while my husband watched opening day football. I hike all the time alone so thought nothing of it.  Once I got the Chush Falls, it was a very steep user trail down to the canyon bottom to see it up close. When turning back, best I can tell my left foot slipped while on top of that log and fell forward with all my weight hitting my right foot which probably was at a weird angle too. All I remember is seeing my knee bulge out sideways and then crashing into the gravel.  My leg was stuck at a weird angle and it was incredibly painful to move it even a tiny bit. I was stuck. After realizing I was in real trouble and had no cell service, I started screaming for attention. A trail runner found me not 5 minutes later and ran to call 911. It took only about 2 hours until I saw the first Search and Rescue yellow shirt coming over and I have never been so happy to see someone!  When Search & Rescue arrived they told me that they had to get my knee back in place to move me because getting the litter down the ravine was going to be very difficult.  Next, they put a auto blood pressure cuff and pulse ox on me, plus an IV, all while I was still in that place. Crazy!  After a bout of strong drugs I passed out and when I woke up- VIOLA! My leg was completely straight and a full wrapped brace was on!  Now they got the “muscle” – two of the bigger  SAR guys – to help carry me at times up and over all those logs. Finally, back at the hillside, I was put in a harness and roped up, and since it was too steep and narrow for the litter. I had to hike up on my good leg, with the 2 guys on each side helping me up.  Once at the top I was strapped in the litter with a large wheel. Four people then rotated holding me while we went down the 2.5 miles or so back to the trailhead and a waiting ambulance. It turns out that I dislocated my knee which ruptured my ACL and MCL,  and my meniscus was shredded. There is no way I would have gotten out of there if SAR had not come.  I will be forever grateful to Search & Rescue and all the wonderful people who helped me. THEY ARE ALL VOLUNTEERS and did this on their holiday weekend for no charge to me or anyone they help.    You NEVER think this will happen to you, but be thankful we live in an area of such unsung heroes!

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