Date: 06/15/20
By: Deputy Shane Zook, Assistant Search and Rescue Coordinator
Location: Johnny Lake, West of Cascade Lake Highway
Located Subject: Cody Lumby, 29 year old male, Monmouth, OR
The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Unit located a missing hiker that became lost near Johnny Lake on 06-14-20. The missing hiker, Mr. Cody Lumby, from Monmouth, Oregon, was camping with family and friends near Johnny Lake. Lumby and his friend decided to go for a walk near the lake at about 8 AM. Lumby and his friend stopped for a few minutes to use marijuana, and shortly afterwards, became separated.
Lumby’s friends searched the area, but could not locate him, so they called 911. Twenty nine DCSO SAR Volunteers and three DCSO Deputies, were involved in the search for Lumby. US Forest Service Law Enforcement Officers also assisted with the search. DCSO SAR Volunteers were divided into Ground Search Teams as well as a K9 team. At about 9 PM, SAR Volunteers who were searching north of Johnny Lake were conducting sound sweeps (calling out to Lumby as well as using whistles) and they heard a reply in the distance. They followed the sound of the voice they were hearing and located Lumby.
After becoming lost, Lumby suffered a minor injury, which made it very difficult for him to walk, so he had built himself a small fire to keep warm. When Lumby heard the SAR Volunteers calling out for him, he began yelling back until he was found. SAR Volunteers assisted Lumby in getting back to his camp as well as extinguishing his warming fire. Lumby refused any further medical treatment.
The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind citizens that while in the wilderness, drugs and alcohol can affect your ability to navigate through areas of dense forest like that found around Johnny Lake.
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