What is a Mission?

A mission is any event for which Search & Rescue is called out. It could be a search, rescue or a recovery.

How are Search & Rescue Members Alerted of a Mission?

Once 911 has received a call, it gets transferred to the on-call Special Services Coordinator, or an assist Coordinator of the Deschutes County Search & Rescue. Once the mission is accepted by the Special Services Coordinator, an investigation is started. If SAR resources are needed, a page is sent requesting the SAR resources that are needed to accomplish the mission. Those who are available can respond for the mission.

How Many People are in Search & Rescue?

There are over a 120 Volunteers supervised by a Lieutenant, who is the Special Services Coordinator, 4 Deputies, who are the Assistant SAR Coordinators and an Office Manager.

If I join Search & Rescue, Do I Get to Arrest People?

No. We are not police officers.

Does Search & Rescue Do Body Recoveries?

Yes we do; however, volunteers are not asked to do anything they are uncomfortable doing.

Does Search & Rescue Go Anywhere in Oregon?

Our immediate response area is anywhere inside Deschutes County, however, other counties may call Deschutes County Search & Rescue for our assistance and if approved by the Sheriff’s Office Captain we will help.

What is Your Most Common Rescue?

Most rescues are lost or stranded people and medical emergencies.